Week 9

I’m covered in ink and clay, my hands are dry and my feet are killing me

Such is life as an Art teacher.

Today was a tough day. A lot of prac and not a lot of resting but it is all in the name of the students learning.

As it draws near to the end, I hope the boys actually learnt something from me and I wasn’t a waste of space. Maybe it’s just the ‘toughness’ of the day talking, but I have never questioned my abilities to succeed so much as I have done in this practicum.

I’ve had smooth lessons but is that enough? I’ve had pretty disorganised lessons but is that forgivable?

I am dealing with the responsibility of molding young minds but I am afraid that I haven’t done enough to prove I can do it. That is the constant fear and regret that has been hovering over my head for the past 9 weeks. I shouldn’t be feeling this way should I?

I am trying so hard – is that enough?