Catching Up

It’s been a long while since I last updated this blog and my goodness, a lot has happened!

There is a list of things I want to blog about! Here are some pending posts…

‘Oh no. Not you’ – How to deal with crazy classes and not die

‘Can I please have some more, sir’ – The stressful reality of casual teaching

‘All work and no play makes Vivian a dull person’ – How to balance work and study

‘The one that got away’ – Job applications and just do’n it

‘You are the weakest LINK!’ – When things just go to s**t

‘Public vs Catholic’

and on the brighter side of things…

‘Good morning class’ – When things are actually good!

Although there are a lot of negative posts that are in the process of being written, I do love waking up and going to school. I often find myself looking out towards my class and thinking

“Thank you God. I am grateful I get to spend my days laughing and teaching.”

So despite all the complaining, I do love my dream job. But with every dream comes its ‘interesting’ bits.


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