Keep going

So it has been a while and I must confess, it reflects my current career status…


Besides throwing myself into further study and continuing my part time job, my efforts to find casual work has been little to nil. To all the budding teachers out there that are hopeful and full of promise – hold on to it.

I have found it tough, tiresome and disappointing. However I do blame myself for this.

I think one of the largest hurtles that I’m trying to overcome is my mental and emotional confidence as a graduate teacher. After finishing 4 years of guided study and practicums, it is very daunting to step out into the working world and use EVERYTHING you’ve learned. Of course, you have to be extremely practical and at the same time display exceptional professionalism that make you stand out from the crowd of teachers.

On top of that, you are relearning/discovering a whole bunch of other skills that no course or degree can teach you. You are bound to make mistakes and you are bound to freak out. I would like to think that the school is forgiving but the pressures to deliver quality lessons and outstanding teaching skills makes me question it.

My best advice to myself and others that have found themselves in this annoying situation is:

Keep Trying

Print those resumes and cover letters, ring the schools and keep putting yourself out there. No doubt schools will spit you back out but the only way you can get in the game is to play.

Don’t let your inner demons keep you down

I for one place high expectations and pressures on myself to be as amazing as I can be. So when I knew I wanted to be teacher, I wanted to excel at it FAST. But of course, the world doesn’t work like that (at least never for me). When I don’t progress as fast as I want to, I definitely get caught up in some dark thoughts and moods that stop any form of progress. It’s very counterproductive 😦

However, that is why this blog is here! It’s a place where I can express my concerns, worries and hopefully success’.

Keep Learning

I think it’s important to be involved in your specialisations. I’ve neglected my studies in Art and English for a while and I realise how foreign the content is once I try teach them. As a result, I have another blog where I post interesting artists/artworks with a short review of analysis. My aims is to keep developing that and possibly create interesting lessons that I can use in the future. Those that do, teach! Don’t ever be a stranger of your subject.


It’s not so much that you need to believe in yourself as a teacher, but believe that you deserve a chance. Whenever you get knocked down or something doesn’t go right, keep believing that you are a capable teacher that can go the distance. My dream is to be the best teacher I can be. A person that is able to foster creative learning and excitement in students. I need to believe that I can do that and work my way to that point.

When I have very tough days that seem to drag on, I’ll remember to read this post. To those that need the extra hug or support, I hope this post can relight that fire that fueled your passions.

Let’s keep going 🙂


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