What If I’m Not a Good Teacher?

This question has been looming over me over the past 10 weeks… thank you for keeping my mind at peace!

the dirigible plum


Today, I’m tackling another question posed by one of my Methods students:

What if I am not a good teacher? What if I fail? Yes, I know, these are technically two questions, but they are related so they count as one. (My blog. My rules.) These are serious questions I have about my future as an educator. I do not want to fail my students and I do want to be a good teacher, but what if I just suck. What then?

What then? You’ll try again and get better.

Teaching is such a complex and complicated act. It is composed of philosophies, beliefs, techniques, strategies, and methods that may be shared among teachers, but even when I use the same techniques and methods as another teacher, even when we share the same pedagogical vision, my teaching does not look like hers.  I teach who I am. I teach…

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Week 9

I’m covered in ink and clay, my hands are dry and my feet are killing me

Such is life as an Art teacher.

Today was a tough day. A lot of prac and not a lot of resting but it is all in the name of the students learning.

As it draws near to the end, I hope the boys actually learnt something from me and I wasn’t a waste of space. Maybe it’s just the ‘toughness’ of the day talking, but I have never questioned my abilities to succeed so much as I have done in this practicum.

I’ve had smooth lessons but is that enough? I’ve had pretty disorganised lessons but is that forgivable?

I am dealing with the responsibility of molding young minds but I am afraid that I haven’t done enough to prove I can do it. That is the constant fear and regret that has been hovering over my head for the past 9 weeks. I shouldn’t be feeling this way should I?

I am trying so hard – is that enough?