Don’t let anyone ruin your day.

Don't let anyone ruin your day.

It doesn’t matter what time it is or where you are. No one has a right to ruin your day unless you let them.
Stay positive, be happy and have a great day 🙂


How intuitive is teaching?

Things I’ve learned in Winter school thus far…

1. Be engaging, for the sake of yourself and the students

2. You’re going to stuff up. A lot. Forever.

3. It’s okay that you are going to stuff up. Keep going

4. Figure out what kind of teacher you want to be

5. Always learning. Never have a stagnant mind.

6. Build amazing connections in the work force and the wider web.


Now, I can talk about these points in ridiculous details but for the sake of my fingers, I wont.  Each speaker had something super important to tell us future educators. All the mini stories, analogies, warnings and advice seem so trivial yet monumental to the educator they are now. I’m honestly terrified. SO many things can and will happen. I’m on a roller coaster ride of professional change. How do you keep up?! I could barely keep up with writing notes during their lectures…

As much as I want to prepare myself for these eventual moments in my teaching career, I couldn’t help but think…

“The only way I will know what to do in these situations is to actually EXPERIENCE them. No amount of notes or readings will prepare me”

So for the current teachers out there, inexperience to the very experienced

Is teaching intuitive? Do you know what to do because your ‘gut’ says so?

It intrigues me how ‘easy’ teachers make it seem but behind it is a list of ‘what could go wrong’ based on their decisions and actions. I would like to think that everything teachers do is for the good of the student so with that in mind, are our innate thoughts the one we should go with?



The 1st step


Look’s pretty comfy right? (It is! Especially since winter is here)

But I am far from relaxed. 

My mind has been going a mile a minute for the past couple of weeks. It’s both an amazing thing but an extremely tiring thing. 

Before I continue, I should probably introduce a little bit of background information to help contextualize my future posts ad the purpose of this blog.

Currently I am studying ‘Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts)’ at ACU and is in the middle of my final units of this degree.



With just finishing one of my winter school units ‘Transitioning into the Profession’ I have come to realised that this profession I have chosen is more than just a job, career or prospect. 


It is a life vocation


Being a teacher is so much more than I’ve anticipated. More than most people realise. I wish I was given this information earlier on so I could dwell on it more but I guess I wouldn’t have appreciated it as much in my earlier years…

Anyway, to keep myself sane and continually reflective I’ve decided to keep a blog to document all the little/big wins and failures on my journey to be the teacher I want to be. I would also like to reach out to other bloggers/educators/artists and other people that are sharing the same journey. I know I’m not alone in this and I would love to hear your side of your story. So if you are reading this for whatever reason, let me know you’re there!